Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kondalilla Falls

On Phil's last day before he headed to Cambodia to play with seahorses and teach locals about taking care of their coral reefs Cavey and I planned a little trip out of town to a nearby waterfall and swimming spot. We hiked through a rain forest swung off a rope swing Cavey saved a little girl from falling onto the rocks Phil got rope burn and Mark almost stepped on a Brown snake (and not the boneless kind). We then capped it off with some fine gelato. Thanks to Cavey for driving and Phil Mark Haylie and Laura for tagging along.


David said...

The new Facebook photos are great. Noosa Nice.

katie said...

Katie printed your blog so Grandma could read it. She loves the story and photos, too.

Joel said...

dude, it's been like 2 days since you posted anything. quit surfin and start bloggin. what? do you think you're on a surf trip or somethin? sheesh.